Position Papers ACCPL 2015

Here are position papers.

Order below:

First Name

1. What’s your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?

2. How do you plan to contribute?

3. What do you plan to learn / explore at this conference?


Our registered participants:


  1. I’ve been providing coaching, training and consulting in Agile for over 8 years in international corporations, Polish companies and start-ups.
  2. I want to share my experience, especially related to Scrum and Lean, as well as get a new perspective from other participants. I plan to invest as much as possible in F2F collaboration.
  3. I couldn’t attend the first ACC, so I plan to get familiar with its participants and explore thier ideas for growing Agile in Poland.


  1. Scrum Master for 5 years.
    Scrum Coach for 4.
    Helping teams and whole organization in the move towards Scrum
  1. Share my experiences, hopefully contribute in solving other people problems.
  2. Listen to other people experiences, find inspiration to help me resolve my problems.


  1. Two years as team leader and Scrum master with experiences in migration from waterfall to agile methods.
  2. Share my expereinces and learn a lot from Agile practicioners.
  3. I’d like to learn know how to be full time Scrum Master.


  1. I’ve been a ScrumMaster of 3 teams. The main challenges are to teach them work as a team
  2. Probably mainly with tough questions and disputing with others but as I’ve already gained some experience I may also share it
  3. I’m mainly looking for answers on how to implement agile in a big project and in teams with lots of interrupts and dependencies on other teams. But I want to also get better understanding of scrum and get to know other methodologies


  1. One year as Development Manager in company with several SCRUM teams
  2. Share my experience of working with SCRUM teams and Product Owners
  3. Role of Manager in SCRUM, cooperation with Product Owner, sprint goals, technical debt, and others


  1. I’m a Scrum Master since 6 months. I work with 2 teams where I get new experience in beeing agile
  2. Fresh view and some interesting cases of my experience as a Scrum Master
  3. Remote team – how to do retrospective, how work with external PO


  1. I work with scrum teams for more than a year, as full-time Scrum Master in one of software houses.
  2. I plan to share my gained experience (both from successes and failures), and create togheter new ideasas and solutions.
  3. I would like to extend my experiences, listen stories about other teams and projects. Work together on creating better agile solutions.


  1. 3 years as a developer of Scrum team, 0,5 year as a Scrum Master
  2. .
  3. how to be a good Scrum Master 🙂


  1. I’ve been a SM for 4 years and an AC for the past year in various companies
  2. simply by talking and engaging in spontanous discussions regarding agile coaching, working with teams, pure coaching
  3. I hope to broaden my experience in agile coching and learn from others as I believe that devil is in the detail hence it is beneficial to just learn from others’ perspectives


  1. 5 years of professional work as Scrum Master, PM or part-time coach working with both software dev and non-software dev teams in IT (Creative, BI, Product, Marketing)
  2. My main focal points are work with non-devs teams in IT org and how to make them speak the same language to understand each other
  3. I’d love to learn how do other people coaching (bigger) organizations drive then toward agility without organization overkill.


  1. I support team for 3 years
  2. I am going to propose 2 panels and attend in rest.
  3. I am expect to share my knowledge and get answer for subject which puzzels me.


  1. 2 years being SM, PSM & PSPO certified
  2. By sharing gathered experience
  3. Make / lead some discussion about topics I want to explore more.


  1. Agile project with group of students, more info might be found under this link:
  2. Sharing knowledge of quality management, coaching and a bit psychology
  3. Get the advise about how to manage Scrum teams as a Scrum Master in a corporation


  1. 1,5 year
  2. listening, speaking and exchanging experience
  3. how to work with Product owners


  1. Product Owner and Stakeholder roles for around 1 year
  2. Share my experience, be creative in discussions 😉
  3. More about practical understanding of Product Owner role, Agile in general and how it can be implemented in game development


  1. About year
  2. I don’t know 🙂
  3. I don’t know 🙂


  1. I’m a full time ScrumMaster for 2 years now, however, interested with Agile and incorporating its values into work since the very beginning of my professional experience (2010). I’ve worked with several teams, have experience with scaling Scrum and working with distributed teams
  2. I’d like to share any experienced I gathered throughout these years working with different Scrum Teams, lessons learned, and simply share my energy with you
  3. I love seeing different perspectives on scrum, each of has different understanding and way of working with teams, that’s what I want to learn and explore at ACCPL


  1. Agile coaching since 2007
  2. Open Space, Ligning Talk, Free Talks
  3. Agile in big organisations


  1. Bycie żoną Scrum Mastera i Agile Coach’a
  2. Osoba towarzysząca
  3. Co tak na prawdę robi mój mąż


  1. I have been Agile for 6 years :). I have worked as a Product Owner and coach who teaches people how to work as scrum teams. Right now I’m a member of a team that transforms Pentacomp to Agility. I had a chance to speak in two agile conferences: “New Trends in Project Managment 2013” and “Agile w Biznesie 2012”.
  2. Share may experiance 🙂
  3. Hear about experiance of others.


  1. I am a Tester working in an Agile team.
  2. By sharing my experience, smiling a lot 🙂
  3. Listen and get to know how to support my agile team.


  1. 6 months
  2. By sharing my experience
  3. Knowledge and experience from older Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches


  1. About 6 years as a Scrum Master, and about 3 years supporting Agile Teams. Now I’m working as Tribal Coach.
  2. I can share my knowledge about Tribals and Teams.
  3. I can take some insights, and feedforward…


  1. Serving as PO since 2012 in one team, developing game; cooperating as well with other teams in company, sharing experience and good practices
  2. Can share experience on long-term projects, as well as lean practices in product management;agile experience in game development.
  3. Tips and tricks for PO’s, techniques for backlog constructing and prioritization, implementing value-focused approach to projects.


  1. Few months of hard work implementing scrum in the company 🙂
  2. Fresh scrum master with a fresh look on Agaile.
  3. New agile trends, new techniques.


  1. 1 year implementing scrum in Artifex Mundi.
    1 year implementing scrum in my own small company. Currently I am mostly a lead programmer in an agile team.
  2. Ask hard questions 🙂
  3. How agile can be better implemented in gamedev companies.


  1. I’m a fresh product owner leading an experienced and well-tuned team. I observed and participated in introducing Scrum in teams both as a developer and as a product owner.
  2. I can share my experience of the first months as a team leader, and talk about the changes I’m trying to introduce in the teams I work with, but mostly I intend to listen to others participants and learn from their experience.
  3. So far I achieved my goals rather naturally. I’d like to get a better understanding and knowledge of that process by speaking with other, more skilled team leaders.
    Also I’d like to learn how to introduce Agile in the teams with no previous experience and in teams that consciously oppose the change.
    I heard a lot about changing the mindset of ACC participants – and I’m interested in carrying through this phenomenon on myself 🙂


  1. Mostly consist of passing information about agile practices we develop, between several agile scrum teams im in.
  2. However i can 🙂
  3. Couple thinks. Better understanding of agile in general. How and what i can contribute to my primary scrum team im in. Ideas and inspiration for changes we could made in our line of work as a whole departament.


  1. I coached quite a few team in last 3 years, right nów i’m Rolling out agile in PZU
  2. Listening + humor 🙂
  3. What other thinking about agile coaching


  1. Scrum Mastering over a year
  2. Bring my own point of view to the topics or discussion
  3. Networking/ getting other perspective of agilest people


  1. I’m currently searching for a job as a Scrum Master. At my current employer I work in waterfall projects and I try to include in my daily job Agile techniques.
  2. I’m not sure yet, but I definitely want to be an active part of the camp.
  3. How to become a good Scrum Master and what first steps to take when starting to be a SM.


  1. I am a Scrum Master of 4,teams, and now I am changing my role to Agile Coach.
  2. I need to meet the people who can help me in the future, and also to share my knowledge with them.
  3. Practical skills to help the people – not just the theory I can get from the books about the Agile coaching.


  1. ponad 4 lata pracy z Agile, prowadzenie zespołów Scrumowych, od półtora roku transformacja firmy w kierunku Agile
  2. aktywne uczestnictwo, facylitacja spotkań i zadawanie odpowiednich pytań
  3. zdobycie kolejnych doświadczeń, dalszy rozwój


  1. I am part of Scrum Team.
  2. How to improve my team work.


  1. Change agent/ implementing SCRUM in 3 different organization for last 3 years.
  2. Can facilitate subject of PO & PO evolution
    Should PO be guy just a guy setting priorities, guy with business knowledge, or maybe facilitator between business and devs or analist, or …other….depending on state of team/company
  3. Scrum vs team leader subject (Trio of PO, SM + Team lead)


  1. 8+ y as a lead / manager
  2. team formation, large scale projects / product
  3. Coaching, facilitation


  1. 5 y. as independent Agile Coach
  2. Listen, take notes, share ideas 🙂
  3. I’m open. Other’s pp ideas, especially coaching techniques


  1. 7 years in coaching tesms and organization towards Agility
  2. Actively, as usual!
  3. Agile fixed price projects.
    Hackatons and other events fostering engagement in org.
    Tribal leadership – how to use it on org level.
    Poland Goes Agile. United Agile Local Communities and User Groups.


  1. Few months as a Scrum master in two teams
  2. I dont know yet
  3. New way to get better in Scrum master role, mew point of view


  1. Agile implementation in Artifex Mundi
  2. Share my experience about Agile implementation in AM
  3. Learn about roads to agility in other companies


  1. Implementing Agile@Ericsson
    DevOps team leadership
  2. Share experiences of implementing Agile in big organization
  3. Gain best practises for Agile implementing and Agile team building
    Find out best ways to overcome common obstacles faced during Agile transformation


  1. Implementing Agile@Ericsson
    DevOps team leadership
  2. Share experiences of implementing Agile in big organization
  3. Gain best practises for Agile implementing and Agile team building
    Find out best ways to overcome common obstacles faced during Agile transformation


  1. I have started my adventure with Agile in January. Now I am Scrum Master for two teams which develop biggest and most demanding game product in the Company. And have lots of problems..hidden and unhidden.
  2. I graduated clinical psychology, have a strong desire to put my clinical insigths and diagnostic drive to my job. Hope I could bring it also to this conference.
  3. I would like to compare my current experiences with more advanced agile coaches, see how they started, what were their biggest problems and where they are now. And why? Is it really worth it? I pretty enjoy my job but still there are some moments where I ask myself this question.


  1. as an Agility Minstrel in Objectivity I’m working to share good ideas and practices among teams. I help the teams to come up with the best solutions and framaworks to address our clients needs. I’m sharing my konwlage since 2012
  2. share my observations and insights on “how do we kill agile by trying to hard”
  3. hope to heare lots of fantastic stories from real life


  1. as an Agility Minstrel in Objectivity I’m working to share good ideas and practices among teams. I help the teams to come up with the best solutions and framaworks to address our clients needs. I’m sharing my konwlage since 2012
  2. share my observations and insights on “how do we kill agile by trying to hard”
  3. hope to heare lots of fantastic stories from real life


  1. I am an Agile Coach at Objectivity in Wrocław. My main function is to take care of Scrum Masters and coaching people in agile projects (1 year). I help SMs to solve problems and support their development. Earlier, I have also been a Scrum Master (2 years), Java developer (1 year) and Project Manager (3 years). I’m also an agile trainer (4 years) and a personal coach (1 year).
  2. I hope I will be a part of a lot of agile discussions. Also I will try to share my personal coaching experience, in my opinion the “agile world” can gain a lot.
  3. I wish to hear different opinions from other agile coaches. Probably, they will be able to share knowledge with me 🙂


  1. Eleven months spent on implementing Scrum in my team. I have been introducing, bit by bit, concepts of Agile way of thinking, Scrum artifacts and coaching team members whom didn’t get a chance to get much experience with the Scrum framework. We haven’t appointed a formal Scrum Master yet hence my attempts to fill the void. Once I have a chance I help other teams in their transformation and facilitate Scrum meetings.
  2. I can tell about how challenging the transformation in a corporate world is, what obstacles are in the way and advise how to deal with them. I have been exploring the motivation and building team relations aspects lately, would love to talk about it.
  3. Thinking out of the box, learning from more experienced scrum masters/coaches. Anything that will let me understand people more, motivate better and introduce changes in a more slow and steady pace. I’ll be happy to talk with others wrestling with an Agile transformation in a big company.


  1. Początkujący Product Owner, więc nieduże.
  2. Słuchać doświadczeń innych, wymienić się swoimi.
  3. Jak motywować team, jak przekonać team do scrum-a, jak używać scrum-a w doświadczonym teamie, który do tej pory w scrum-ie nie pracował.


  1. I’ve been working as a PO for half a year, doubling as team’s SM for a few sprints. I work with company’s SMs in our goal to help the whole company become more agile.
  1. I have some experience implementing Scrum with new team working in game development. I can share my insights on doubling as PO/SM and on agile in gamedev in general.
  2. I would like to broaden my perspectives on agile methodologies, and clarify some of my doubts considering being a PO.


  1. I am young scrum master from game industry. Long story short, one year of experience in coaching.
  2. By actively participating in various discussions.
  3. I would like to discuss about the role of Scrum Master in highly effective and disciplined teams.


  1. Two years as Scrum Master working with a couple of scrum teams.
  2. Being active in discussions I participate. Propose own discussion topics.
  3. How to make process important to developers.


  1. Scrum Master in 5 teams
  2. By sharing my knowledge and experience
  3. Get to know others problems


  1. I’m Scrum Master in game-dev more than a year. I actually work with 3 teams and I learn a lot with them about Agile.
  2. I’m happy to share my experience about work as Scrum Master in game-dev and tell about how much this is a good way to build self-organized teams and agility organization.
  3. I would like to meet other experienced people who have another way thinking and compare with my own. I search people who tried to bring scaling to their own organizations and products building.


  1. As a VP Engineering I am overseeing the development process in Ganymede. I am responsible for introducing best technical and agile practices. I am also company’s most experienced SM so I help other in reaching their potential.
  2. I can share an insight on how we fail in being agile even while using scrum. Mechanical scrum and cargo cult are definitely not a way to go. I can also share about work in a company where scrum and agile is supported by management and executives and where agile and scrum is pushed by management and there is resistance from the developers.
  3. I seek knowledge and experience in agile practices while scaling the organisation. How to work with SM to change larger organisations, motivate people and change company culture. How to survive fast growth of the company? I would like to know about cooperation between SM and HR, where are responsibilities of each party?


  1. I was Scrum Master for about a year for the team 5-11 people. Since October 2014 I’ve been working with 6 small Scrum Teams and two teams using Kanban helping them to be Agile. Currently my main focus is put on cooperation with Product Team which is 9hours away…
  2. There are several topics I would like to cover during camp:

    cooperation with remote (in different time zone) Product Team;
    gamification in Agile (examples of game to boost the motivation/break the monotony)
    measuring productivity of teams

  3. I would like to hear/practice how to deal with managers trying to add something to current sprint. How to teach teams to deal with such situations? Are there any exercises/good practices?

    I think that cooperation with remote Product team is another topic I would like to hear about. Possibility to share someones experience would be great.


  1. I am a Scrum Master for over a year. I cooperate with other Scrum Masters within company to share our experience.
  2. I would like to discuss topics related to scaling Scrum. Share my experience in adopting scrum in environment where multiple teams work on one product.
  3. Apart of exchanging experience of scaling Scrum I would also like to participate in discussions related to business value in Scrum.


  1. I took part in changing the ccompanys approach from waterfall to Scrum. Now I am a Product owner in another company going through the same process.
  2. I have some experience of Scrum in hostile environment
  3. I hope to learn how people manage to keep Scrum running when there are many problems


  1. I work as a Project Management Officer who helps 2 Agile Teams in their “daily needs”. I also help Scrum Master in organizing Scrum Events. Sometimes I’m a “back-up” of Scrum Master (e.g. when he is on sick leave).
  2. I would like to meet amazing people interested in making life better 🙂
  3. Real-life problems and solutions for them


  1. Five years working as Scrum Master.
  2. I will share my experience.
  3. I want to learn from others.


  1. I’ve experience in promoting Agile values both as a developer and Scrum Master.
  2. I’m going to share my experience and challenges that I’ve encountered during my work within scrum team
  3. I’m looking for experienced people in Scrum scaling


  1. I’m full time Scrum Master at Grupa Pracuj
  2. I can share SM’s point of view
  3. I’d like to learn about speeding up team forming process, especially moving between phases


  1. 4 years. Working as Scrum Master, Product Owner, Change Agent.
  2. Hear, learn, feel, think, imagine, help, challenge, be, present, communicate, give and take feedback. I’m going to give everything I know.
  3. How not to loose the focus of the most important things. How to improve yourself. How to become a coach. How to be happy from small things.


  1. ponad 2 lata
  2. aktywny udzial w dyskusjach
  3. wymiana doswiadczen z innymi uczestnikami


  1. 5 years in varied environments:
    – transformations, from very small (single team) to rather large (1000+ engineers);
    – managerial and back office agility;
    – establishing, proliferating and fortifying vision.
  2. Sharing my experience, asking uneasy questions, using my superpower (ideation, ability to combine multiple – seemingly unrelated – ideas into new one).
  3. Agile beyond Scrum, Kanban, ToC… What’s the next step?


  1. PSM1,rok doświadczenia jako Scrum Master
  2. doświadczenie + wiedza
  3. czerpać z doświadczenie innych uczestników


  1. Hello guys
    For around 3 years I’ve been Agile coach for site Poland within VolvoIT.
  2. I’m going to be more active than on ACCPL2014. Would like to share experience from the “other side” cause now my main activity is to play Product Owner role. Apart from that I can provide interesting hopefully input around Kanban implementation in automotive company.
  3. Well, I would like to explore more topics around Product Owner role from the business perspective (challenges, risks, opportunities).


  1. 4 years
  2. Very actively. I’m going to propose some topics and lead discussions.
  3. Improving organization to adopt Agile better.


  1. Over a year. I’m the product owner working with two teams.
  2. I’m helping in organization. I can share with experience how to start being agile.
  3. I want to learn how to work in project with multiple teams.




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