Position Papers ACCPL 2014

Here are position papers.

Order below:

First Name

1. What’s your experience coaching teams toward being Agile?

2. How do you plan to contribute?

3. What do you plan to learn / explore at this conference?



1 Training & coaching full time for 2.5 years. Now a bit of coaching besides PO role.

2 I will share my experiences, knowledge and reflections to enrich our common understanding of how to help people use Agile.

3 How to help without imposing concepts and practices.


1 Everyday I’m trying to move forward my team, my company and myself. I was introducing agile to my own company via scrum (2 scrum teams, 1 ops kanban team – 2 years). Now I’m trying hard to move forward new place and my scrum masters team (1 year)

2 I’ll constantly move out from my comfort zone. Seek for people who have experience, interests in different areas. Ask many questions, provide feedback and share concerns. I won’t spend time on typical unconference issues.

3 I’m going to validate my way of working. Look forward new things I don’t know (to gather data for future). I want to know more about holocracy if it will be possible. I want to know more about group processes among teams and role of modern management in organizations as coaches


1 7 yrs

2 can give a speach, prepare workshop or just facilitate discussions

3 Lean and Agile stuff


1 I am SM in Payu since 16 months

2 My little experience and maybe some jokes 😉

3 Hade to say.


1 I am a Scrum Master for two years and have worked with three different teams during this time. I am also a part of a Scrum Team of Scrum Masters in my Organization.

2 I plan to share my experience, knowledge and intuition. I still need a bit of time to think on the Position Paper.

3 Motivating others towards self-development, transparency, measuring, visualization, empiricism.


1 full time Scrum Master since October 2013, PM background with love at first sight to Agile   around 2010, since then combining roles and spreading the mindset to all teams I had a pleasure to work with

2 with smile and energy 🙂 by sharing as much as I can from my experience (i.e. cooperating with teams new to Agile, building teams, working with geographically dispersed teams, for both internal and external clients..)

3 Scrum Master vs Agile Coach – real differences?

how to increase team’s awareness towards business value without jeopardising their ability to self-organise?


1 I work as a team member in IT and Creative projects

2 I can share my experiences connected with introducing Agile methodologies in big organizations

3 I am planning to learn more about Agile in action


1 Certified Proffesional Scrum Master from 5 months

2 Sharing knowledge, improving coaching skills

3 Coaching technique – what to motive teams and coach individuals


1 6 years, 40+ teams

2 I will prepare to surprise other participants

3 Latest ideas about scrum, Look for insporations about scrum 2.0


1 6 months working with scrum teams as scrum master.

2 Discuss, explore and learn.

3 Planning, anything about coaching


1 I’m a Scrum Master and I’m responsible for Agile implementation in my company

2 I can share my experience

3 I would like to know a experience of others scrum masters


1 I was cooperating as a Scrum Master with 3 teams directly and with 2 teams as a consultant. Currently I am working as a Product Owner.

2 I can share my experience and knowledge.

3 I would like to hear about some tools and techniques, maybe also about agile managing internal projects.


1 I have been coaching teams towards agility for 2 years

2 I hope I can exchange my experience and observations with others

3 How other people approach agile coaching


1 Ca. 3 years total in multinational environments.

2 Share my experiences and insights, inspire.

3 See and understand varied approaches to my field of duty, then merge them with my own style to create something new.


1 Since 2007

2 Active

3 Experience and coaching techniques


1 I have 3 years of experience as an internal coach. I coach regulary 5 different Scrum teams (~35 people). I’m also supporting other companies in Agile transformation.

2 Actively 🙂

3 I’m really interested in the way how other caches work with teams who already have some experience in Agile, who are not looking for answers for questions “how”, but rather “why”.


1 Product Owner for 2+ years in one product team, participating other product teams meetings, sharing best practices around the company.

2 I believe that my experience on working in team, right from introduction of scrum in company till mature and developed situation can be valuable to others.

3 Would be great to find out more on “long distance runners” agile teams – teams working on product that is developed for long time.


1 Scrum Master, dev manager, working in the past with more than one team, member of a team responsible for growing agility in a company with around 200 developers on two continents, PSMII

2 Sharing my news and approaches

3 New approaches to try out in practice


1 3 years as Scrum Master / Agile coach

4 years as independent Agile coach and trainer

2 Can share experience or facilitate session

3 Exchange knowledge and learn new coaching techniques


1 Over 5 years of working with Agile teams

2 Listen and share experience.

3 New skills, especially facilitation techniques


1 Multiple teams, multiple cultures, 3 continents and about 5 years 🙂

2 First I’ll listen, then I’ll speak. Everything will depend on the subjects raised. I will have my trainer’s workshop with me just in case 🙂

3 Meet people, exchange experieces, work on interesting mini-projects and maybe establish some business partnerships.


1 I’ve been coaching teams for nearly one year now @ Allegro Group.

2 Good question! I plan to share my knowledge, experience, lessons learned and case studies with my fellow agile colleagues.

3 Even better question! I didn’t have plan to learn a specific thing. This will be my first ACC experience. I want to have as many relevant and interesting conversations regarding agile, scrum, kanban, lean, start ups, enterprise agile, team building, team dynamics as possible while having lots of fun!


1 I started Lean in IT and worked with it for 3 years. I have been training towards Agile for a year.

2 I would like to present the Design Thinking methodology and popularize new way of Lean called Sense and Respond.

3 I would like to meet Agile coaches and exchange experience.


1 Coached a ~35 people project in a telco company for 5 months.

Been a ScrumMaster for a few months.

Worked in Agile way since 2007.

Lead trainings on Agile, Scrum, TDD, BDD.

2 I can share some experience of using Impact Mapping and Specification by Example with clients.

3 Whether it’s worth it to become a freelance agile coach.

Pick up some techniques for bringing project stakeholders and delivery team towards a shared vision.

Get to know something about myself as a coach and as a person.


1 I’m Scrum Master for over a year

2 By sharing my experience.

3 As much as I can. 🙂


1 In the company I am a Scrum Master and I guide other SM how to handle agile teams. I am also responsible for technical on-baording process, so I teach about programming good practices and how they help scrum teams.

2 I participated in our company’s transformation toward agile. I think i can provide some thougts about this change. Also I have a technical background so I might answer questions regarding how scrum look from a developer’s perspective.

3 I would like to focus on how to become a scrum trainer/coach.


1 Jestem entuzjastą Agile od ok. 6 lat. Obecnie jestem Scrum Masterem w grupie Allegro.

2 Głównie interesują mnie tematy związane z obszarem Product Ownera. Mogę również podzielić się swoją wiedzą i doświadczeniem.

3 Doświadczenia z bycia Product Ownerem.


1 Entuzjastka Agile od kilku lat. Właśnie rozpoczynam pracę na stanowisku Scrum Mastera.

2 Poszerzyć swoją wiedzę nt. praktycznej pracy Scrum Mastera.

3 Poznać realne problemy w pracy Scrum Mastera i sposoby radzenia sobie z nimi.


1 I’ve been scrum master for few months.

2 By participating in various discussions, mostly as listener.

3 I would like to discuss about effective retrospective techniques.


1 I’m a scrum master since nov’13

2 I want to be an active participant of open-space discussions.

3 I want to learn more about available agile techniques. Also to know about experience outside of Allegro Group. In the end meet other agile practitioners in person.


1 I am an independent Agile Coach. I have been working with around 20 organisations in past 4 years as a Agile Coach and Trainer.

2 I would love to share my experiences from Agile Coaching and Personal Coaching.

3 I would like to hear some real stories and learn about coaching tools and methods which may be useful for me.


1 I have been coaching the agile and lean team for last 7 years. I am proud of my teams:)

2 I would like to take part in the discussions regarding the motivations of the teams and the team members

3 Meet the other coaches, share experience,


1 Scrum Master – certyfikat PSM 1

2 Wiedzą oraz doświadczeniem.

3 Chcę się dowiedzieć jak w innych organizacjach funkcjonuje Scrum, czy mają jakieś problemy w związku z pracą w Scumie, jak sobie z nimi radzą.


1 Scrum Master – certyfikat PSM 1

2 Wiedzą oraz doświadczeniem.

3 Chcę się dowiedzieć jak w innych organizacjach funkcjonuje Scrum, czy mają jakieś problemy w związku z pracą w Scumie, jak sobie z nimi radzą.


1 ~3 years as ScrumMaster, now agile PM

2 share my experience and ideas. My blog: http://biggerthanscrum.blogspot.com

3 learn new trends in agile / find out new practical implementations of agile tools and practices


1 certified PSM I, ScrumMaster for team of 10 ppl

2 share my experience

3 learn new trends in agile / find out new practical implementations of agile tools and practices


1 I work as scrum master.

2 I will listen to everything 😉

3 I hope I will meet interesting people


1 I am a scrum master that helped to introduce scrum to the company.

2 I can explain how scrum is used to develop Games – products that change multiple times during the development phase.

3 Tips and tricks about Scrum of Scrums.


1 I have rather theorethical knowledge about scrum and would like to get to know experianced scrum masters.

2 I have a lot of (not trivial) questions that may help to start interesting conversations

3 What it takes to be a good scrum master.


1 6 months

2 commitment

3 i want to create good crum teams.


1 kilkuletnia znajomość Scrum/Agile (4lata)

praca z zespołami, trenowanie organizacji – 1,5 roku

2 Aktywne uczestnictwo

3 techniki, ćwiczenia, pogłębienie wiedzy


1 I am half of year Scrum Master for four teams working on one product.

2 I can share the experience of working as a Scrum Master in game development.

3 I would to know more about organize few teams working in Scrum and how them helping in communication.


1 I was tyring to introduce Agile to my first project team, and due to many reasons failed.

2 I’m working at the game industry for almost three years as respectively Production Assistant and Junior Producer. I never run full-agile project or team, but I have some experience in developing adventure games in more waterfall-like structure.

3 I’d like to learn how to properly introduce Agile to a team that never work with similar methodology. How to convince people into Agile thinking and also how to approach potential problems that come up when some part of the team don’t want to go Agile. I’d like to meet professional producers and team leaders to discuss problems like: when it’s good to go the Agile way and when (wheter) you should just switch it into something more strict, or how to approach team that tends to fail a really important milestone.


1 I was a scrum master and now I am product owner.

2 With my experience

3 Learn different ways of managing scrum teams


1 3 years as a Scrum team member

2 1. Issue that is interesting for me: Agile contracts – how to convince the management and external customer to contracts with no fixed scope AND price? How to form agile contracts?

  1. I could also contribute to a discussion about challanges in remote/distributed teams.

3 – the issue no. 1 from above

– some nice ideas for retrospectives



One thought on “Position Papers ACCPL 2014

  1. Lukasz

    1. Since 2007. Training Vendor. Trainer, Scrum Master, Agile Facilitator in “corpo” 🙂 in German Environment

    2. Active in Open Space, Lightning talks

    3. – Agile Contracts -How to deal with Story Points?
    – how to achieve WIP with not transparency customer Environment
    – how to talk with nonAgile people (schould we ?? ;-))

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